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Recupero dati
Presso il nostro laboratorio siamo in grado di effettuare un recupero dati dal tuo hard disk qualunque sia la causa che ne has resulted in loss: inadvertent deletion of files, viruses, software problems, mechanical failures, overwriting, software malfunctions, water or fire damage, or other causes.
The hard disk is the only mechanical part of the computer and also the most delicate and prone to breakage. A small blow or a fall from a few centimeters can completely compromise the disk head and make the hard disk no longer recognizable by the computer.
If you have lost your data or someone has told you that they are no longer recoverable, bring your damaged hard disk to us, you will receive a detailed and free quote.
Our technicians will immediately carry out a first test on thefaulty device to understand the extent of the data recovery to be performed.
The device will be collected and you will receive a free quote within 48h.
If you can't bring it here to us personally you always can
Prepare a shipment to our laboratory located in
Via dei Monti di Primavalle ,79
Upon receipt of the disc, a detailed and free analysis will be carried out on the support, to evaluate the effective possibility of carrying out data recovery.
You will be provided with a detailed free estimate with the list of files that can be recovered.
At the end you can decide whether or not to proceed with data recovery and subsequent return of the media.
recupero dati
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