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Ripazione mac fissi e portatili
Nova Informatica srls  deals with the repair and assistance of all APPLE fixed and portable computers. Our laboratory is equipped with the most innovative instruments for the rapid diagnosis of any failure or damage to your device. Our technicians are also always at your disposal to provide you with excellent advice on cleaning and optimizing your system , to make it faster and have a noticeable increase in performance. 
Thanks to our professional equipment we will be able to offer you a guaranteed service. every device that goes into repair will be thoroughly checked to ensure the identification of all those problems, even the most hidden ones that could arise in the future.
Examples of problems of Mac devices
  •  Excessive overheating

  • It turns on, and immediately turns off;

  • Liquid spill on keyboard

  •  Video chip/unsoldered components

  •  False contacts or damaged electronic components such as mosfet transistors or resistance

  •  Power surge

  • Power LED on, the fan runs and the screen remains black, the hd does not power on, it emits beeps at startup and does not turn on;

  • Short circuits

  • Continuous loop on startup;

  • It doesn't display correctly;

  • Constant system errors while using

  •  Turns on and off immediately;

  •  Not showing signs of life despite the power supply delivering the correct voltage

  •  not charging battery

  •  Doesn't load mac os operating system: leopard, lion, mountain lion, mavericks, yosemite, el capitan, sierra

  •  Network connection not working properly;

  •  Wi-Fi AirPort Card Devices, not working;

riparazione macbook
riparazione MacBook Pro
Diagnosi approfondita iMac

Complete internal hardware cleaning

Complete disassembly and cleaning of the cooling and ventilation duct. Processor thermal paste replacement.

Diagnosi guasti

Fault and malfunction diagnosis

Troubleshooting through specific electronic devices and meticulous diagnostic tests.

Riparazione mac

Hardware repair or replacement

Repair when possible or replacement of faulty or defective components with new compatible ed originali.

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